Don't Test Me!

We done our first video shoot and this occured on Friday 22nd of February 2010 at 4 O'clock. We did have a few problems such as majority people from the crew list did not attend which made it very difficult for us. Furthermore no classrooms were empty in order for us to record. However this problem was solved as we went to the main block of Sir John Cass Secondary School. At last we found an english classroom on the first floor were we could finally do it.

Later on when the video shoot was over, Nahim and Shaidul were randomly checking out other classrooms and suddenly they found one which looked freaky during when it gets dark. They came to a conclusion to shoot the video in that class instead as it will build more suspense and release the genre horror. So by this we have decided to shoot on wednesday again in that classroom which we have chosen and hopefully finish it so Nahim can start editing it!!!!


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