Don't Test Me!

Finally the coursework movie is finished and as a group Killuminati is proud to present this.

Today is the last 1 hour lesson we have been given to finish editing the film opening. Nahim and Shaidul are watching the scene very carefully and spotting out areas that need to be corrected. By extending the time line we could watch each frame individually and this helped us spot flaws in the filming which we wouldn't be able to see if we watched the scene as a whole.
After this is completed our coursework will be finished. A lot of time and work has gone into producing this along with overcoming many problems and difficulties. However we are confident that we will be done in time and have produced something both the group and our teacher is happy with.

We have started editing our opening scene. Nahim is the strongest at editing and therefor has taken a leading role in this part of the coursework. We uploaded the footage from the camera to the laptop and then we chose the clips we wanted to use and the ones that didn't work so well we deleted. When we were filming we repeated nearly all the scenes more than twice to ensure when we did upload there would be one clip of each scene we are happy with and so that we wouldn't have to go back and re-shoot anything again. After we chose the correct scenes and put them in order we had to crop some of the parts which we didn't need. The programme we are using is called iMovie HD, this software has built in sounds and effects which we can use in our opening scene, but some of the required sounds were not already built in so we downloaded them from We are still currently editing our opening scene and tommorrow is our final lesson in which we have 2 hours to complete it.

Due to sudden unexpected changes we have now had to completely change our story board and film else where. The classrooms we wanted to use to film our opening scenes were suddenly unavailable so we decided that we should film somewhere outside where the same problem can't occur.
This has put a lot of pressure and built up the work load in our group but we know if we work hard we can still produce and opening scene the 3 of us are proud of. We have decided to obviously stick to the same genre and age ratings, all we have done is scrapped our previous story board and created a new one. Even though this will take time we know after we get it done the filming process will be easier than the last stroy board and we can still use the ideas and shots that we wanted.
Tommorrow we will start and hopefully finish filming our opening scene, this has also affected our cast list which will also be drawn up again. The time we spent filming for the other story board was crucial but we aren't looking at it as if we wasted time but instead we have learnt how to do different camera shots and gained a lot of practice which will be very useful tommorrow.
On friday we want to edit the scene and finish it off, we know we have very limited time but we also know that if we work efficiently it can be completed.

We done our first video shoot and this occured on Friday 22nd of February 2010 at 4 O'clock. We did have a few problems such as majority people from the crew list did not attend which made it very difficult for us. Furthermore no classrooms were empty in order for us to record. However this problem was solved as we went to the main block of Sir John Cass Secondary School. At last we found an english classroom on the first floor were we could finally do it.

Later on when the video shoot was over, Nahim and Shaidul were randomly checking out other classrooms and suddenly they found one which looked freaky during when it gets dark. They came to a conclusion to shoot the video in that class instead as it will build more suspense and release the genre horror. So by this we have decided to shoot on wednesday again in that classroom which we have chosen and hopefully finish it so Nahim can start editing it!!!!

Our plans for tommorow lesson is to go out and do the tracking shot with the camera. We need to find ideas in order to do the difficult shots. In addition we are going to shoot some of the scenes so it gives us more time to finish it quickly and edit it professionally.

This is the weather forecast for this week. We need to make sure if the weather will be suitable for our film coursework.

Today we couldnt do much because of the actors, they had lesson and their teacher did not let them out. So we came to a conclusion were we are going to do it after school and every of the actors should turn up.

Killuminati productions have not started the film yet due to a lot of problems. So far we have just gone out and practiced with the camera doing a variety of shots. From today we are attempting to start the film. however we need to wait till it gets dark so we can shoot it and wait for each actors to show up that are listed in our crew list. Hopefully everything will be done by the end of this week and we should start our editing soon.

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