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We have started to shoot our opening scene and are in the middle of completing all the required shots before we start editing them. We wanted to have a still shot of our college for the start of the scene and we acomplished that on friday the 15.01.2010. This week we intend to finish all the other shots, we have given our cast a schedule of which they will look at and know when they will be acting for us and we have obtained all the required equipent to finish filming the rest of the scene.
It was difficult for us to find a full cast which are all available at the same time and are willing to take part but we managed to. We have delegated roles to each cast member so they know exactly what they're required to do and between ourselves we are clear on which one of us is taking on which tasks.


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We Are Killuminati Productions..!!
Our Theme Is Horror/Thriller And We Have Created A Film Opening Scene Which Fits Our Genre.
On This Blog We Have A Record From When We Started Planning To Make This Opening Scene Till After We Finished Filming And Editing.

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