Don't Test Me!

Due to sudden unexpected changes we have now had to completely change our story board and film else where. The classrooms we wanted to use to film our opening scenes were suddenly unavailable so we decided that we should film somewhere outside where the same problem can't occur.
This has put a lot of pressure and built up the work load in our group but we know if we work hard we can still produce and opening scene the 3 of us are proud of. We have decided to obviously stick to the same genre and age ratings, all we have done is scrapped our previous story board and created a new one. Even though this will take time we know after we get it done the filming process will be easier than the last stroy board and we can still use the ideas and shots that we wanted.
Tommorrow we will start and hopefully finish filming our opening scene, this has also affected our cast list which will also be drawn up again. The time we spent filming for the other story board was crucial but we aren't looking at it as if we wasted time but instead we have learnt how to do different camera shots and gained a lot of practice which will be very useful tommorrow.
On friday we want to edit the scene and finish it off, we know we have very limited time but we also know that if we work efficiently it can be completed.


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