Don't Test Me!

We have started editing our opening scene. Nahim is the strongest at editing and therefor has taken a leading role in this part of the coursework. We uploaded the footage from the camera to the laptop and then we chose the clips we wanted to use and the ones that didn't work so well we deleted. When we were filming we repeated nearly all the scenes more than twice to ensure when we did upload there would be one clip of each scene we are happy with and so that we wouldn't have to go back and re-shoot anything again. After we chose the correct scenes and put them in order we had to crop some of the parts which we didn't need. The programme we are using is called iMovie HD, this software has built in sounds and effects which we can use in our opening scene, but some of the required sounds were not already built in so we downloaded them from We are still currently editing our opening scene and tommorrow is our final lesson in which we have 2 hours to complete it.


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On This Blog We Have A Record From When We Started Planning To Make This Opening Scene Till After We Finished Filming And Editing.

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