Don't Test Me!

The preliminary exercise was to film and edit a character opening a door, crossing the room and sitting down in a chair opposite another character with whom he/she engages in a couple of lines of dialogue.

The main strengths of our production was up we were satisfied s that we were prepared and organized. In addition we were all comfortable with our roles . Editing was easy but it look a bit of time but at the end we all managed to get it finished. As a group we were satisfied with the final edit of the task. As all of us took each turns in different roles and we communicated well.

The only weakness we had was the camera work and framing. There were one scene where it didnt make sense for e.g Nishad's head is above the camera level, second scene Nishad's head is elow the camera level.

Next time we will be careful of the camera works and framing. So it will make sense and look more professional. we will think about camera movements and zooming.

The role of Directing was played by Shaidul, the role of editing was played by Nahim and the producer was Tajmina.


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